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Types of Contact Lenses

Soft Lenses

Most people who opt for contact lenses prefer to wear soft contact lenses because they are immediately comfortable. They have high water content and mould to the shape of the eye.

Most soft contact lenses come as daily, weekly or monthly replacement systems and we can advise you which system will suit you best at your consultation.

Pricing Policy

Our lenses & solutions are at Internet/supermarket prices or less!

Contact Lens Care

  • We will advise you on the most appropriate care system for your lenses taking into account the lens type, modality of wear, and any allergies you may have.

  • We will teach you how to expertly handle your lenses and give you tips gained from years of experience.

  • We also carry vast stocks of lenses should you ever need an urgent replacement.

Contact Lens Technology

The latest Contact Lens Technology is always available at Daybell & Choo. We are contact lens educators and university examiners. We examine for the British college of Optometrists in the professional qualifying examinations.

  • Both Mike Daybell & Lee Choo possess the DCLP, which is the highest postgraduate contact lens qualification and have 45 years of combined experience.

  • We offer lenses to correct all vision problems.

  • We regularly attend conferences and courses and we are members of the British Contact Lens Association.

  • We accept referrals from professional colleagues.

  • A contact lens practitioner is available 6 days per week, including late appointments.

A Complete Service

Being optometrists and Contact Lens (CL) practitioners our service is ‘seamless’ and there is no need for a separate consultation with a CL ‘fitter’, often on a different day, as happens in most ‘corporate’ opticians. This saves you time and allows for a more accurate and comprehensive service, since information gained in the eye examination often has specific relevance to the CL fitting.


Often problems encountered by CL wearers may require an optometric examination and so you will not find yourself having to make a further appointment! We are meticulous with our aftercare service keeping comprehensive notes and reminding you when your check ups are due.

Love Contact Lenses

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