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Proud to sponsor Khalid Ayub

"My ultimate goal is to become a world champion. I work hard; I am dedicated and disciplined. Everything I do is focused on boxing. With every training session I put my all into it because I believe that’s the attitude you have to have to get to the top." - Khalid Ayub


Wearing Ortho-K Contact Lenses

We are proud to supply professional boxer, Khalid Ayub, with EyeDream ortho-k contact lenses. These specialist lenses are worn overnight and work to correct your vision whilst you sleep. Here's what Khalid had to say about his ortho-k contact lenses and how they have helped him...

"I have been wearing EyeDream ortho-k lenses for about eight months. It is amazing. I only wear them at night so when I go out, I am just like anyone who doesn’t wear contact lenses or glasses. It is a real game changer.

I can judge the distance and be more confident in my boxing. Ortho-k gives me the ability to do what I want and to box at close, mid and long range comfortably. I don’t have the risk of a contact lens falling out or sweat irritating my eyes.

My optician, Simon Mann from Daybell & Choo, has helped me so much with them. He has been patient and worked hard to make sure that I am getting the best experience for my boxing and life in general.

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Looking to the future

Khalid already has a decorated amateur career under his belt which includes four national titles, two British titles and no fewer than seven Yorkshire titles!


Recently turning professional in 2020 and signing with management company MTK Global, we are so excited to see what the future holds for Khalid.

Discover our Ortho-K lenses today

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