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M Holland

“In 1991 I began studying at the former Sheffield Polytechnic, I have been very short sighted since I was a child, so due to her practice being in Sheffield, I started to visit Lee Choo’s opticians.  Since this time, even though I now live in East Yorkshire, I have continued to make the journey to Sheffield to visit Daybell and Choo opticians.  It is so good to visit a practice where you feel that you are genuinely cared for and which has such advanced levels of technology.

Back in the early 90s, following my recommendation, both my late father and my mother began to visit Daybell and Choo.  My mother, who is now in her late seventies continues to make the journey from York as she has so much faith in Miss Choo’s knowledge and experience. 

I have recently had a retinal detachment, Lee diagnosed this and ensured that I was given a priority referral at my local hospital, where the following day I underwent major surgery to recover my sight.  I count my blessings that I have Miss Choo as my optician as she continues to support me through the recovery and readjustment period.

In summary, Miss Choo and the whole team are excellent."

- M Holland

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