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J McKenzie

I had attended my appointment at your practice yesterday.

Karen struck up a conversation with us while we waited for my eye-test. She immediately came across as a warm, friendly person with strong product awareness.

Following my eye-test, Karen patiently explored and explained the reasons why the frames I bought in would be unsuitable for re-glazing.

Karen has strong product knowledge and a talent for assessing the style of her customers. She quickly assessed my style and attitude to self-expression and identified frames which not only suited my face, but also reflected my personal style.

After trying a few frames, Karen also picked up on my desire to wear frames which would be a talking point. She quickly recommended the Vinilysize brand and the perfect match was made!

Throughout the measurement of my eyes, Karen alleviated my concerns about wearing varifocal lenses, and assured me she would teach me how to use them on collection.

Karen has exceptional customer service skills and made my experience at Daybell and Choo very pleasurable!

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