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J Chafer

"I found Daybell & Choo on Google really by accident, I have suffered from dry eyes for many years and have been to see many Drs and even been to the hospital with little aid or help from these, only to be given eye drops.

I had a consultation with Mr Daybell, who really went to work on my eyes, he did lots of tests and even put some what seemed to be dyes into my eyes, I had never had anyone look into my issues so deeply, the consultation was a little uncomfortable as someone with dry eyes will know that if anyone goes near your eyes it can be stressful.

However Mr Daybell gave me some advice and a plan to stick to to make my eyes better and help the glands in my eyes. I was also given some better eye drops, after a few weeks I noticed a big difference and now currently touch wood have more good days than bad. I have even been on holiday which I could not have done beforehand!

If you are suffering from dry eyes then it really would be worth getting a consultation with Mr Daybell as there are very few resources in the Sheffield area for people suffering with dry eyes."

- J Chafer

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