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Specialist Lenses

We can supply the following lens types in both hard gas permeable and soft lens format, payable in single purchase or on a monthly standing order.

Lenses are available in frequent replacement systems from daily, 2 week, monthly, 2 monthly, and 6 monthly disposables. These ‘Planned Replacement’ systems incorporate regular aftercare appointments, the fees for which are included in the monthly payments. We supply all the latest materials and are constantly introducing new products and are experts in the bespoke design of hard gas permeables. Remember, whatever you have been told before, it is possible to correct all prescriptions. 

We can supply lenses for:

  • Myopia and Hyperopia – Available in many different materials in both gas permeable hard and soft
  • Bifocal and varifocal contact lenses – Allow you to see both near and far simultaneously.
  • Extended wear contact lenses – The ultimate in convenience. These lenses may be worn continuously for up to 30 days before a new pair are inserted. Although of benefit to all wearers, we have found that patients with a higher prescription find these lenses allow them more peace of mind overnight. Rather than squashing glasses under a pillow or reaching for the bedside table, patients can see the moment they wake up. Particulalry useful for individuals who may travel a lot with work. We are especially experienced in observing ocular changes, which may occur due to CL wear. This is especially important with the new and revolutionary extended/continuous wear lenses.
  • Astigmatic lenses – We can correct all levels of astigmatism with a variety of lenses.
  • Lenses for medical conditions – e.g. Keratoconnus (Irregular ‘cone’ shaped cornea), Aphakia (cataract removed without implant being inserted). Scarred corneas.
  • Cosmetic lenses – For disfigured eyes. Congenital or traumatic (e.g. Iris Coloboma, Aniridia). To change your eye colour for fun!
  • Dry Eyes – Some materials are especially good at increasing comfort and wear-time for those with dry eyes. We can also advise on simple treatments which help to remedy this common problem.