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Tests for the Chernobyl Children

27 July 2015

On the 21st of July six children from the Chernobyl Project visited our Practice in the morning and had free eyetests from Mike Daybell. After which, three of them got the news they needed glasses - some were happy about this and some were not! 

After our staff Rachel and Karen helped pick the girls out some great first frames, we snapped a photo and enjoyed learning about the monumentous experience visiting the UK was for all of them. This trip to the Opticians was to be followed by a trip to the Dentist the next day, we are willing to bet picking out frames was a more pleasurable experience!

The Chernobyl Childrens Project supports children, families and young people in Belarus, the country worst affected by the 1986 Nuclear Disaster. They provide month-long recuperative holidays to the UK for the children, and during the last fourteen years have had a major training programme which has helped to reduce the numbers of children in orphanages and prepared suitable local foster families.

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