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Keratoconus, or 'conical cornea', is a semi-common eye condition that typically begins to cause blurred vision due to a conical distortion of the cornea in mid – late teenage years and is typically associated with atopia (hayfever, eczema , asthma etc.)

There are various treatment options available for this condition:

  • Spectacles: Only an option when the cornea is very mildly distorted
  • Soft contact lenses: Suitable in the early stages of the condition when corneal distortion and resulting astigmatism is mild
  • Rigid gas permeable, hybrid and scleral lenses, ‘piggy-back’ lenses: This is the method of vision correction for most keratoconics and should only be undertaken with the aid of experienced specialist contact lens practitioners, ie those with a DCLP or equivalent.
  • Surgery: In the early stages of the condition, a treatment known as Collagen Crosslinking utilising Riboflavin may be effective in stopping further progression of the corneal distortion. Early cases of the condition should be assessed by a corneal specialist (also known as a Consultant Ophthalmologist)

In the very late stages of Keratoconus, which few sufferers will ever reach,  corneal grafting (Keratoplasty) is possible. This will normally only be offered as a treatment when contact lenses are no longer effective/tolerated or the cornea has become very thin.

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