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Sometimes called 'the silent thief of sight ' and popularly associated with 'pressure in the eyes', this optic nerve degeneration causes a slow loss of vision over many years which is usually symptomless. It occurs in 1-2% of those over 40 years of age.

Virtually all cases of glaucoma are detected during routine eye examinations. However, many are missed due to the uncertainty of its presence in its early stages with basic examination techniques. At Daybell & Choo we have adopted the same battery of tests as are employed in the Royal Hallamshire hospital's glaucoma unit:

  • Laser scan analysis for progressive optic nerve change
  • Computerised field of vision  analysis
  • Eye pressure measurement
  • Stereoscopic Optic nerve examination

These tests are especially important for anyone over 40 with: a family history of the disease; very short sight; or is of afro carribean descent.

If you are concerned please make an appointment.