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Dry Eyes

Dry EyesThis very uncomfortable and common eye condition which causes grittiness, irritation and sometimes blurry vision, has a number of causes including ageing, computer use, lid/eye infections, some medications and illnesses such as arthritis.

At Daybell & Choo we have been specialising in the clinical evaluation and treatment of this condition for many  years and have developed  treatments which  make a real difference.

In some cases symptoms can be relieved through simple measures such as drinking enough water to stay hydrated, avoiding dehydrating environments with air conditioning, and taking regular breaks from a computer.

We also stock a wide variety of the latest eyedrops, gels and supplements - our professional staff can advise you on the relative suitability of different products for your eyes.

For further information on dry eyes, take a look at this Guardian article.

Please make an appointment for a dry eye assessment or phone to speak to an expert.