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Contact Lenses

Many people prefer to correct their vision using contact lenses. People who play a lot of sports for example may find glasses hinder their performance and so look for an alternative method of correcting their vision.

  • Contact lenses offer a level of liberation that does not exist for spectacle wearers. They eliminate annoying visual distortions ( peripheral blur, magnifying effects.) and give the wearer ‘normal’ vision.
  • Because they are invisible they do not signal to others that the wearer has a ‘problem’ with their vision.
  • Contact lenses do not ‘steam up’, film over, or become loose!
  • They can provide a tremendous psychological boost to children and youngsters with ‘strong’ glasses.
  • They can be worn for as little or long, and as frequently or infrequently, as you like.
  • They are the ultimate visual correction for sport participation.

Both Mike Daybell and Lee Choo hold post graduate diplomas in contact lens fitting – meaning you don’t have to come back to see a different practitioner after your eye examination.

We fit and supply:

  • OrthoK (Overnight vision correction lenses)
  • Soft contact lenses
  • Gas permeable lenses
  • Specialist contact lenses Including bifocal and varifocal